Dear Mike,

I wanted to put in writing what a great experience I had working with you and how much I appreciate your honest and straightforward approach to helping me purchase my Tundra. 

Shopping for a car can be a nightmare. The time it takes to find exactly what you want and then “negotiating” with the car salesman or private owner is enough to make you want to quit looking all together. Your approach combined your ” client first” attitude sets you apart and makes looking for that new car a great experience.

You asked me what exactly I wanted and went above and beyond my expectations. The Tundra I purchased with your help would have been out of my price range it it was not for your patience and persistence in finding exactly what I wanted for the price I could afford.


Anthony W.

Dear Michael McVeigh,


I can’t tell you enough how pleased my family is that we chose you to take on the task of locating and purchasing a vehicle for my daughter.


Several weeks ago when my daughter rolled her vehicle, we were at a loss for words as to how we were going to find the time to view and review vehicles that would meet her needs, our budget, and the time frame we had to work with. 


With her in Tallahassee, us here and of course knowing her taste in and desire for a specific type of vehicle, I was adamant about leaving it up to you “My Florida Car Guy.”


You went out of your way each week to email all of us pictures and specifics about each vehicle that you found that may be a possibility. Little did I know that you would be as particular as my daughter is about the final choice.


She loves her 2009 Honda Accord and has called her daddy already with excitement as to the gas mileage it gets compared to her previous vehicles.


Now my son is looking for a truck and I have advised him to email you with a request for potential vehicles and pricing available.


I look forward to referring you to everyone I know. Thank you for what you did for my family.





Dear Mike,


Thank you for service “above and beyond” in getting me a car. You were able to save me time with your diligence and commitment to quality and value.


Finding a good used car of specific color, size and price is time consuming and requires knowledge of the market and car performance. Your expertise relieved the frustration from this time consuming task and certainly added value to the transaction. Taking care if those unexpected, but always occurring and annoying details such as keys, locks, tires and registration to insure a quality purchase exemplifies your concern for the consumer.


I would recommend your services to anyone seeking value and quality in a used car.


Jimmie T.