My Process

Once a customer and I have decided to work together, a purchase agreement is signed. This purchase agreement specifies the price, make, model, color, options, etc. of the vehicle they agree to buy. At this point, a 10% deposit is collected that will be applied directly to their vehicle purchase. This deposit is fully refundable up until the time I purchase the vehicle.

The next step towards finding the perfect car is research. I do extensive research for all of my clients, and then send them the specifications of only the vehicles that fit their criteria. I am very selective with which vehicles I will recommend, and I do not take risks.

After narrowing the list of potential vehicles, I go and do an on-site inspection of the potential vehicles. I typically reject more than half of the vehicles after this inspection. My inspections are thorough and I do not take risks with your money. If I would not by it for myself, I will not buy it for a customer.

After deciding on a vehicle, I bid on your behalf up to the price we have agreed on.

After winning the auction, the vehicle will be sent to a post-sale inspection where it is inspected. If anything is found that was not previously disclosed, I have the option to cancel the purchase.  After a successful inspection, I ship the vehicle back to Jacksonville. The vehicle is then detailed and filled with a full tank of gas. It always bothered me that I just spent money buying a car and now I have to spend more money to fill the gas tank. That is why all cars come with a full tank of gas.



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